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The Matrix Screensaver

TheMatrix This is the latest version of the Matrix Screensaver emulating the introduction to the movie and the code. Created because of the offical screensaver is completely awful. Ten years old and still the best... in fact, now even better!

No spyware, no adware, no nagware, no ever-expanding bloat of pointless 'features', just pure, simple, and elegant as always.

The screen saver supports multiple monitors, so this time the Matrix really will have you...

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If you like the screensaver and feel so inclined, please donate

Some people have reported problems with version 1.14 on Windows 7.  I am currently investigating, but please use version 1.11b for the time being.  Thank you.

The Matrix Screen Saver (exe - 492k)
The Matrix Screen Saver (zip - 240k)
1.14 2nd August 2010 492k .exe
240k ZIP
The Matrix Screen Saver (zip - 250k)
11th July 2010
240k ZIP



Polyzorg Retro arcade action to die for.  Awesome power-ups, explosions, and aliens by the bucket load.  Don't just let the aliens get away with it!  Blast 'em! 

Polyzorg is an OpenGL game.  I recommend recent NVidia or ATI graphics cards for use with this game.
Polyzorg Download Page 1.02.01 1st February 2008 1500k EXE Installer
Conditional Freeware


Network Go

A Go program that allows two people to play each other across a ethernet TCP-IP network. Ideal for office lunch times! The program implements the capture and Ko rules and will also work out the score. Network Go is purely human versus human, there is no artifical intelligence.
Network Go 1.04 December 11th 2001 227k ZIP Freeware


It's Terminal

It's Terminal is a RS232 and TCP/IP terminal utility for software and hardware engineers. It is specifically designed to address the shortcomings of many of the other terminal programs available.

Some of the features:

1) Quick startup - no messing around with redundant phone connection settings.
2) Access any RS232 port - no fixed set of ports.
3) Function Key macros and scripts.
4) Send any character code.
5) Display received data as hex.

This program is Donationware. If you find it useful then please donate.

It's Terminal 1.009 March 17th 2007 208k ZIP Donationware $20.00


Chain Reaction

De-stress yourself with this unusual game. Originally written back in 2000, your challenge is to achieve the highest score by keeping the particles in balance for as long as possible as they bounce around the screen. Only calmest and most Zen-like will triumph.
Chain Reaction 1.03 March 17th 2007 208k ZIP Freeware


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