What is Donationware?

I define Donationware in the following terms:

Donationware is software that is free to download and use. If you find that the software is of use and is of value to you then the author would appreciate a donation to represent that value.

Donationware imposes the following term and conditions:

  • Using the software or providing a donation specifically does not express or imply any contract of 1) warranty, 2) fitness for purpose, nor 3) provision of technical support between you and Meticulous-Software. The software is available free, as seen, and in good faith. It has been created to the best of my ability as a human being, and as such may contain bugs.
  • This prior condition does not mean there isn't any support. If there is a problem then please get in touch and I will be as helpful as I am able within the very limited time available to me. The support I give is provided in good faith and on a limited basis.

If you are happy with these provisions then I hope you find this software fun or useful. To those people who send me emails of thanks, I am grateful and I am happy to have created something that others find useful. Perhaps any donations will enable me to finance the running of the website and the download bandwidth, and perhaps pay for my excessive supply of teabags :-)

Terms and Conditions Last Updated : 04th June 2007.