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The aliens will never be safe again...

3D retro arcade action to die for... Awesome firepower, Power-ups and aliens by the bucket load.  So why are you waiting?  Let 'em have it!

Polyzorg Screenshot 1
Come and get it suckers!
Poylzorg Screenshot 3
Polyzorg Screenshot 2
Oop - too close for comfort...
Polyzorg Screenshot 4
Nuke em, Dude!

(Version 1.04.01 - 1st July 2008)
Polyzorg is an Windows OpenGL based game and I recommend that only recent (less than 2 years old) ATI or NVidia graphics cards are used.
Other manufacturer's OpenGL support may be insufficient and Polyzorg will very likely NOT WORK!

If you have trouble running the game then troubleshooting tips can be found here.
Version release notes can be found here.

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Polyzorg is copyright, 2008 P.Symons - www.meticulous-software.co.uk
This game is freeware for the purposes of personal consumption.  It is not freely redistributable by organisations without prior permission.
I would prefer all those wishing to redistribute this software link to this page instead.