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Polyzorg Release Notes

Version 1.3 - 4th February 2008

1) Added F10 key to toggle camera movement on and off
2) Reassigned default primary and secondary fire to CONTROL key

Version 1.2 - 1st February 2008

1) Fixed non-2^ size for font texture - which does not load on ATI cards.
2) Fixed startup failures on ATI cards if FSAA is not supported
3) Modified some power-up priorities
4) Modified (reduced) default boss strengths
5) Fixed plasma-charge power-up icon
6) Fixed rear-fire power-up icon

Version 1.1 - 20th January 2008

1) Coupled primary and secondary fire to same key by default

Polyzorg is copyright, 2008 P.Symons - www.meticulous-software.co.uk