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Cook's Convertor Privacy Policy

Updated Friday 3rd May 2019

Your privacy is important to us so this privacy policy covers how we collect, use, and disclose any personal information. Meticulous Software does not collect, keep, nor disclose any of your personal information, with the exception of the Ad serving system (described below) that we may use within our free apps. We use Ad serving systems such that we may provide apps that are free to use or play. Without the Ad serving systems Meticulous Software could not afford to exist.

Providing Information

Meticulous-Software's Cook's Convertor app does not explicitly request any personal information from the user.

You do not need to login or provide an email address or contact details to use Cook's Convertor.

Ad Serving

Meticulous-Software's free applications may use Ad serving technology (such as AdMob) to provide advertisements which may be of interest to you within our apps.

This Ad service may collect information about you to facilitate this, such as your Service session identifier, advertising identifier, MAC address, IMEI, device identifier etc.

For more information, please see the Admob privacy policies:

We at Meticulous-Software take our responsibilities to our audience seriously and although Interceptor contains Ads we strive to ensure that it conforms to all appropriate rules and regulations. Since Cook's Convertor may be used or seen by children, we inform Admob, using options that it provides, that:

  1. Ads should be served as if the user is under the age of consent (for GDPR)
  2. Ads should be served as if the user is under 13 (for Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA))
  3. The Ads served should be suitable for a 'General' audience

We use these settings for all users of the app and we do not ask the user for his/her age, neither do we allow the user to change these settings.

You may also see our own advertisements within our apps. These Ads will showcasing Meticulous Software's own apps. These advertisements are driven entirely randomly and do not use any device or user metrics to inform or control the advertising.

Cookies and other identifiers

We and our partners may use cookies and other identifiers (such as clear gifs or pixel tags). Cookies and other identifiers are intended to provide a better user experience. You may delete these cookies, if any are present, from your device settings. If you disable cookies on your browser, some parts of our services may not function properly.


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