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Latest Releases
Regular Edition: 1.1.0 - 1 Aug 2011

Coming Soon
Regular Edition: 1.2.4
Plus Edition: 1.2.4

Cook's Convertor and Cook's Convertor Plus

Arguably the easiest and most intuitive convertor for cooking enthusiasts on the iPhone
Now, due to popular demand, it is even better!
Be sure to check out the new Plus version!

Thank you to everyone that has emailed with thanks and good ideas!

It does everything a cook might need;
Volume U.K. and U.S., Weight,  Temperature, and Length (Just for good measure;)
Fractional display for some measures.

The Plus version includes Substitution data, Standing times for roast meats,
conversions between UK and US units,
and best of all; Math functions for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing recipes
and quantities in different units!

Instructions for the new Plus version can be found here,

Download from the iTunes Store

Firebricks Logo

Latest Releases
Full edition: 1.1.8 - 29 June 2011  
Free edition: 1.1.8 - 29 June 2011

Fast and furious action, Firebricks is the only Brick Breaker game you'll ever need.

You know the drill; use the fireball and pad to eradicate the enemy defenses.
Master the tilt on the iPhone to get those hard to reach bricks!

Innovative and creative animated levels like you've never seen before!
This is no cookie-cutter iPhone game

Created with real care and attention to detail.  This is iPhone App quality as it should be.

Try out the free version with 20 levels of madness...
then progress to the full version, if you dare!!

Join the fun at the iTunes Store

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